Do you know your Madison Co EMA?

Did you know, the Madison Co Emergency Management & Department of Homeland Security Agency is one of the largest county government agencies in Madison County.  Madison Co EMA is comprised of over 100 volunteers.  Our volunteers are assigned to one or more divisions such as:  Warning, Communication (RACES), Field Support, Public Information and Outreach, EOC, Unmanned Aerial System, Damage Assessment, Hazardous Material and Cadet.

Our volunteers dedicate their time to specialize in skills which are most valuable to our agency during times of emergency or disaster.  The training our members receive nearly every month, prepares them to respond to natural, technological and man-made disasters.  Many of our volunteers attend 40-50 hours of training each year to strengthen and/or maintain their specialized skills.  Our volunteers range from retirees, to high school students, factory workers, administrators, managers, and executives in business.  It takes all skills, ages and personalities to make a volunteer agency successful.  EMA is available to respond when called upon 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.  Our volunteers combined, give nearly 10,000 hours of free labor in Madison County.  These 10,000 hours of volunteer labor translates to nearly $500,000 in salary and benefits if our volunteers were paid for their time.   The Field Support Division is the most active, with 25 volunteers responding with Police, Fire, EMA, and Hospital agencies when called upon.


The Madison County Emergency Management and Department of Homeland Security Agency is lead by Tom Ecker, Executive Director, Todd Harmeson, Deputy Director, Jocelyn Overby, Administrative Assistant and several Division Directors.  On a daily basis, EMA reports to the Madison County Commissioners for direction and we receive our funding from the Madison County Council as well as grants from the Indiana Department of Homeland Security and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).  EMA is located in the Madison County Emergency Operations Center which also houses the Madison County 911 Central Communications Center in Anderson, IN.

We encourage each citizen to spend some time surfing thru our website to learn more about our agency.