Will you know when disaster strikes?

Did you know, the Madison County Emergency Management & Department of Homeland Security Office provides FREE alert texts, and email to our subscribers?   When emergency or disaster situations are imminent, EMA will alert you via your cellular phone or email if you sign up to receive these notifications.   Nixle is a FREE text and email alert system, which is managed by EMA and is used to communicate with our followers about emergencies or disaster situations.   EMA pushes out weather alerts 24 hours a day for life threatening weather events. For non-emergency or non-life threatening situations, these alerts are pushed out during daytime or early evening hours.  Each user can setup their own preferences on how you want to receive alerts during specific times of the day or for specific agencies only.  For example, you can receive Nixle Alerts from any government agency that subscribes to the system in your specific zip code (or a zip code of family living in another geographical area) or you can select specific agencies only.  We used the Nixle system in 2017 to alert citizens in central Madison County to seek shelter immediately when a tornado was confirmed by trained weather spotters, during the dangerously cold temperatures to inform the public about warming stations around the county and in April to order an evacuation in parts of Alexandria after the fiery crash that struck the natural gas pipeline.  These are just a few of the highlighted alerts we sent out to the public in 2017 in addition to the National Weather Service alerts which are sent regularly during severe weather.

In addition to the Nixle Alert system, we also encourage every home, business, school, and other public facilities to have an All Hazard Alert radio capable of receiving warnings from the National Weather Service.  These all hazard radios are vital to the safety of our community when weather threatens our lives (especially in the middle of the night).  An All Hazard Alert Radio is a great gift for Valentines, birthday, Christmas or just because you want to give a gift that keeps on giving.  All Hazard Alert radios can be purchased for a nominal cost at most all big box retailers across the country.  Walmart, K-mart, Target, CVS, Walgreens, are some local examples plus Amazon, e-Bay, and many other online businesses.  There are countless examples of All Hazard Radios saving peoples lives when severe weather is about to strike.

After the tornado, flood or blizzard it may be to late to save someones life by installing the alert radio, today is the day to prepare and setup your cell phone alerts, email alerts and an all hazard alert radio at home.  For more information about our FREE alert system, or to sign up for customized alerts, go to https://www.madisoncoema.org/alerts/    You can also sign up simply by texting the word MADISONCOEMA to 888777 on your cellular device.   

All text alerts and email to cellular devices are subject to data costs based on your specific plan and contract with your cellular provider.  EMA does not charge for this service.