Winter Weather Situational Update 1/12 Storm

1-12-2018 9:30 PM

Madison County Highway department continues to have their plows on the road into the night applying abrasives and plowing.  The wind tonight is causing drifting on rural east west roads.   If you need to be out on roadways tonight, use primary roads such as State Highways or heavily travelled roads.


1-12-2018 4:30 PM

Snow continues to fall in Madison County with light accumulation on roads and highways.  The combination of ice earlier this morning compounded with snow this afternoon is making roads very slick and hazardous for motorists making the commute home.   Madison County Highway crews and INDOT crews have worked all day plowing and putting down abrasives.  Temperatures will continue to fall over night with windchill temperatures -5 to -2 below.  We are watching another storm system making its way toward Indiana for this coming Monday and Tuesday.

Residents should consider taking measures to keep pipes from freezing tonight in their homes.  We recommend leaving cabinet doors open (be alert for children and pets), and leaving a trickle of water running over night.  We do NOT recommend using alternative sources of heat.  Too many house fires are ignited because of alternative heat sources being used to close to flammable materials.  Space heaters should always be kept at a minimum of 3′ away from everything.

Over the weekend, continue to check our Closing and Delays page.

1-12-2018 8:00 AM

Madison County officials have raised our travel status to ADVISORY due to the ice covered roads and deteriorating road conditions.  Freezing rain continues to fall in Madison County adding to the ice build up on vehicles, roads, side walks and drive ways.   We remind citizens to walk with caution, icy conditions create slip and fall conditions for all ages.

Highway crews are out in full force (local and state) applying abrasives on roadways to help combat the icy conditions.   Road temperatures have dropped below freezing now, which means road surfaces will freeze.   Ice should change over to snow throughout the day and they are still forecasting 2-4″.

All public schools in Madison County closed today.  Continue to watch closings and delays page for after school activities today and Saturday.

Currently it is 27*F.  With increased winds throughout the day and falling temperatures, the windchill will dip to -2 overnight.  Extreme cold mixed with icy road conditions makes travel dangerous.  What if you had an accident or slid of the road on a rural patch of road and no one came along to help for several hours?  Would you be prepared prepared for negative temperatures to survive?


1-11-2018 10:45 PM

Temperatures have begun to fall across western Indiana as the front pushes thru.  Temperatures have fallen 20 degrees in less than hour near Crawfordsville.   As the front pushes thru we will see similar temperature drops causing a flash freeze type situation.  Due to the rain and wet conditions combined with the flash freeze will make roads extremely slick across the county.  Due to the rain, roads have not been pre-treated as our highway crews would normally due.  Motorists on Friday morning should plan for extra time during the AM commute.  Also be sure to check out the school closings and delays page for area schools.  School Closing.  Later in the day on Friday the freezing rain will change over to snow with expected accumulation of 2-3″.    EMA will be monitoring the changing weather conditions throughout the night posting updates as necessary.

See everyone on Friday morning!  PIO – Checked out for a couple of hours :-]


1-11-2018 5:45 PM Update

We will post updates to the public here for our winter weather storm which should make its way into Madison County on Friday morning beginning as freezing rain and changing over to snow by mid afternoon Friday.  We expect freezing rain Friday and accumulating snow of 2-4″ by Friday afternoon into the night.   Continue to watch our website and social media for updates as the weather approaches.

INDOT announces they will have 1,092 plows out state wide for this winter weather event.  Madison County Highway will have their fleet of 25 trucks covering 900 square miles.  This storm will be particularly difficult to pre-treat due to the rain we are receiving in advance of the storm which will wash away the chemicals.  Motorists should expect icy roads for their commute on Friday morning and snow covered roads for their commute home Friday night.  Plan in advance to have extra time to make your commute.  If you can, we would recommend staying home and allowing road crews to work and treat road surfaces.  Madison County officials will be assessing road conditions throughout the storm to determine any necessary travel advisories.

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