What if your car was submerged under water, would you know how to escape?

Yesterday emergency crews from Richland Township Fire Department, Chesterfield Union Township Fire Department (Dive Team) and officers from the Indiana DNR Conservation Division divers responded to an accident where the vehicle landed into a body of water and was submerged under the ice.  Fortunately the driver was able to escape the vehicle, but if this happened to you, would you know how to escape?

Remember these simple rules if you need to escape a vehicle under water:

  1. Remove your seatbelt
  2. Put down your windows (if electric and they will not go down, immediately use something to break your windows)
  3. Evacuate children and young passengers first.
  4. Pull yourself out the driver side window
  5. Push yourself away from the vehicle
  6. Swim toward a shore line.

Here is a short video produced by The Weather Channel demonstrating the proper steps to escape a submerged vehicle.