How can you follow MCEMA?

Madison County Emergency Management & Department of Homeland Security publishes information by use of several different tools to reach our followers.  One of the key missions of our agency is to educate the public on disaster and emergency preparedness.  Over the years, public information for EMA has transitioned from word of mouth, to our website, to social media, and now to our podcasts we do each week.  Thirty years ago, EMA had to rely on FM/AM radio stations, local news papers and maybe the occasional television news station but today, we have our agency website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Flickr, Nixle, Next Door and our agency website.

  • Facebook (MadisonCountyEMA) we post up coming events, as well as weather alerts (Warnings and Watches) and we typically provide updates throughout events which are on-going in Madison County.  Because of the way Facebook posts to your feed, you cannot rely on this mode for emergency alert information.
  • Twitter (MadisonCoEMA) we post alerts of EMA calls, weather alerts (watches and warning) and we provide links to updates on FB.  Twitter is a good source of information for real time alerts.
  • Instagram (MadisonCoEMA) we post pictures of our EMA volunteers, equipment and other related information.  Typically during a response, we will provide a picture to our viewers so you can see what emergency response personnel are dealing with.  Instagram is not a source for emergency information.
  • Flickr (Mcema) is where we post agency pictures for our viewers to see albums.    Many times our pictures will help show the magnitude of the emergency or the disaster.   We also like to share pictures of our volunteers training and working in their division which they represent for the agency.
  • Nixle is our alert and notification system we use to send emergency alerts to our subscribers via text, email, and phone calls.   Residents can sign up to receive FREE emergency alerts by texting the word MADISONCOEMA to 888777.  Weather Warnings are disseminated along with life threatening emergency information when necessary to protect lives and property.
  • Next Door is our newest social media tool that we have started using for community outreach.   We use Next Door to connect with sections of Madison County which will be impacted by our information.  For example, we may only post weather bulletins in the north if the storm is expected to pass in the northern half of the county.  Next Door is a great tool to reach neighbors throughout all of Madison County.
  • Website ( is your one stop to follow EMA on our social media accounts (Facebook and Twitter), review our Flickr pictures, read previous Nixle alerts, listen to our podcasts ( and to read our outreach articles to publish as a part of our educational series.

Madison County EMA is on the forefront of technology to help spread the preparedness message to our followers and subscribers in Madison County, Indiana, the United States of America and around the world.   Do you follow us?