Severe Weather Thunderstorm Preparedness

Severe weather can happen any time of the day or year. Please take the time to review the following information about severe weather, thunderstorms, tornados and flooding.  Visit our IDHS Family Preparedness page and fill out your personal family preparedness plan.

During a Thunderstorm

  • If a thunderstorm is coming, postpone or cancel outdoor activity.
  • Do NOT go near tall trees or any other tall objects.
  • Seek shelter inside a building or in a hardtop vehicle, but don’t touch any of the metal inside.
  • Do NOT use the telephone.  Stay away from other electronic devices, bare metal, and water.
  • Do NOT go near downed power lines.
  • Keep your eye on the sky and listen to weather reports on the radio or TV.
  • If caught out in the middle of a large body of water, return to shore as soon as possible. Get off the water immediately.
  • When caught in the middle of an open field: If walking with others stay a minimum of 10 feet apart, keep low and move quickly to seek shelter. If there is no shelter lie in a ditch or get to the lowest place around.