New Years Eve Preparedness

As you begin making plans for NYE celebrations at home, Indianapolis, out of state, or else where; we remind you of these simple safety items to keep everyone safe during the celebration.

1. Know where your nearest exits are at all times.
2. Have a predesignated meeting spot, in case you get separated from your group.
3. Have cell phone numbers, for everyone in your group. It may be best to text if cellular lines become overloaded.
4. Stay Alert, Stay Sober and be ready to react in the event something bad occurs.

There are no specific threats known to federal, state or local law enforcement agencies, but we always remind our followers to #BePrepared. Large gatherings are always a threat in today’s world. Law Enforcement officers around the world will be working overtime to protect party goers, however each person has a responsibility for self protection by being prepared. Another important aspect of keeping the public safe is the #IfYouSeeSomethingSaySomething campaign. If you see something that appears to be suspicious or does not seem to be right, notify law enforcement so they can investigate. It is always better to error on the side of caution than not report something and it result in tragedy.

As we go into 2019, remember safety is your number 1 goal for yourself and your family. It’s always better to #BePrepared in advance.

From all of us at Madison County Emergency Management & Office of Homeland Security, Happy New Years.