Madison County Highway Department Prepares for the First Winter Storm of 2019

A new tandem axle snow plow and a pick-up truck with a plow staged and ready to go if needed.

Madison County Highway Department is preparing for this first winter storm of 2019. The department led by Scott Harless, will have 15 new tandem plows and 4 pickup trucks out in the county keeping the roads plowed. Each township (13) has a tandem plow assigned to it, while 2 additional plows are available to assist as needed or escort emergency vehicles. The department utilizes pick-up trucks to plow smaller roads and areas not easily accessible by the large plows, such as neighborhoods.

Prior to the winter storm, Madison County has put down approximately 6,000 gallons of pretreat liquid brine on all blue line roads which will help enhance the melting process. The blue line roads are the primary county roads that are plowed first in each township in order to ensure emergency and other critical personnel are able to drive as necessary. Blue line roads for example would be 100W, 200E, 300E, 500N, 1000N, 500W, 200W, 200S and several others in the county. During the storm, the highway department has 32 employees that will work in shifts plowing while 4 personnel rotate in the maintenance garage working on equipment. “During a big snow event like the one forecasted this weekend, it takes the entire team at the Highway Department working together, 24 hours a day to maintain 890 miles of roads in rural Madison County” said Scott Harless. Scott would also like to remind citizens, these large trucks take up a lot of room on narrow county roads, please yield to the trucks and give them the right of way. Across the country, highway crews have adopted the saying, “Don’t Crowd the Plow” in an effort to educate drivers to give extra room to snow plows on all roads.

During the snowstorm this weekend, if you see some of our Madison County Highway crew-members taking a much-needed break, please take a moment to tell them thank you for the job they are doing. It takes a very highly skilled and experienced driver to keep a 70,000 lb. snow plow on the road in white out conditions, AND driving on snow packed slick and hazardous roads.

Thank you to all of our Madison County Highway Department employees!