Severe Weather Preparedness Week Kick-off

This week kicks of Indiana’s Severe Weather Preparedness Week and we want to ensure our followers are prepared at home, work and at school. This week, we will focus on preparedness tips, notification tips, severe weather education, and how to recover after a storm. Every day this week, EMA will post on our website, facebook, twitter and instagram, helpful tips to protect you and your family when severe weather strikes.

Severe weather that includes tornadoes, lightning, flooding, storms, etc., is prevalent during the spring and summer in Indiana. Thunderstorms can produce large hail, flash floods, heavy rain, lightning and strong winds. They can also produce tornadoes which can have wind speeds in excess of 300 mph, be more than a mile wide and cover approximately 50 miles while destroying property. Thunderstorms, flash floods and tornadoes can all appear suddenly with little warning, and may only last a few minutes, but have the strength and power to cause a great amount of damage.

Monday – Preparedness Tips
Tuesday – Ways to receive severe weather watches and warnings
Wednesday – Severe Weather Watch or Warning
Thursday – During the Storm Tips
Friday – After the Storm
Saturday – Recap and Be Prepared