How do you receive your severe weather alerts?

All Hazard Alert Radio

Continuing our series this week on Severe Weather Preparedness, today we will look at methods to receive severe weather alerts.

During times of severe weather, advanced warning is the key to saving lives. We recommend everyone has at least two methods to receive severe weather alerts at all times. This means you should have two methods to receive while you are at work, and at home. Remember that when you are sleeping, you may not hear your cellular phone device or it may be on night night mode to allow you to sleep.

The National Weather Service maintains a system for activating All Hazard Alert Radios which activate whenever severe weather, man-made or technological disaster is occurring in your area. Technology has advanced to the point, you only receive these alerts in your area when they are impacting your location. In other words, if a storm has already passed you or is moving in a direction which does not threat you, the alert will not be activated. The All Hazard Alert radios are great for notifications at night when you and your family are asleep. Here is a link to the NWS page for information on All Hazard Receivers. National Weather Radios

A second method to receive weather alerts and other emergency notifications on your email, text or by dial phone is Madison County’s Nixle Alert and Notification System. This is a FREE service for our citizens to sign up to receive. We only use this system when severe weather or an emergency threatens Madison County, IN. The staff from Madison County EMA controls this system and is never used for political, business advertising nor other NON-emergency related information. Signing up for this system is simple and easy. There are two methods to sign up:

1. If you only want to sign up to receive text (SMS) notifications, you can text the word MADISONCOEMA to 888-777 and sign up.

2. You can go to and create an account which then allows you to sign up to receive email, text or telephone messaging.

This system is fully funded by the Madison County Council thru local tax dollars. Alert and Notification systems such as Nixle are much more cost effective than purchasing outdoor sirens which only cover a small geographical area and each siren system can cost $50,000 per unit.

Receive community information instantly! Sign up at today! It’s quick, easy and secure.

Another system for receiving weather alerts is to sign up with the National Weather Service and receive severe weather warnings direct from NWS. Here is a link to help you enroll for Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEA) from NWS. Wireless Emergency Alerts . Also most of the Television stations in central Indiana also have notification systems on their website as well for their users.