Damage Assessment Estimates Released for Madison County, IN

Date: 5/31/2019
Time: 9:00 AM
Contact: Todd Harmeson, (765) 602-5402

Damage Assessment Estimates Released for Madison County, IN

Pendleton, IN – Madison County Emergency Management and Office of Homeland Security (EMA) has released preliminary damage assessment figures for the F2 Tornado, which struck southern Madison County on 5/27/2019. EMA Executive Director Tom Ecker is working very closely with state and federal officials to determine the financial impact to Madison County and the Town of Pendleton, IN.

Preliminary Damage Estimates

• 1,500 structures surveyed in southern Madison County
o 500 structures have sustained some level of damage (33%)
o 30-40 of these structures have major damage or are destroyed

• Structural engineers are inspecting locations where heavy damage occurred to ensure structures are safe for occupancy.

• These preliminary damage estimates may go up as more debris is removed and inspectors can get a closer look at the foundation and structural integrity of buildings affected.

Citizens are still asked to go online and fill out an Initial Disaster Intake/Assessment Form, which helps governmental agencies further assess the needs of residents in Madison County who were impacted by the storm on 5/27/2019. The website to fill out this assessment can be found at: https://in211.communityos.org/idhs-damage-assessment

Business owners met in the Pendleton Town Hall on Thursday 5/30/2019 to learn about the recovery process and they were asked to provide financial numbers showing how this storm has impacted their business. Any business owners who were NOT part of this meeting and would like more information are asked to contact the town hall in Pendleton, IN. (100 W State Street, Pendleton, IN 46064) as soon as possible.