About Us

The Madison County Emergency Management Agency is charged with the responsibly to serve and protect the residents of Madison County and to protect their lives and property from natural, technological and man-made disasters.  The agency is made up of 7 groups:

  • Warning
  • Communications
  • Field Support
  • Public Information and Training
  • EOC Team
  • Cadets

Each group is staffed and available to respond 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  The Madison County Emergency Management Agency and Homeland Security Office is Madison County’s 2nd largest agency based on staff with over 150 active volunteer members.  Many of the active members receive specialized training which prepares them for emergency response.

Executive Director – Director Tom Ecker is responsible for managing the daily operations of the agency.

Weather/Warning – 3 volunteer members responsible for providing advanced alert and notification.

Communications – 2 Group Leaders and 40+ volunteer members are responsible for providing emergency communications for public safety as well as amateur radio.  This group also provides Storm Net spotters for severe weather tracking throughout Madison County.

Field Support Group – Approximately 24 volunteer members are responsible for the most active group in the agency.  The Field Support Group assists local emergency response personnel with traffic, and crowd control as well as setting up landing zones and providing security services when requested.

Public Information / Training – 2 volunteer members responsible for emergency public information, public outreach, as well as coordinating exercise and training for public safety personnel. Also manages the Cadets group.

HAZMAT – Madison County has an elite Hazardous Materials Type 3 team.

EOC Team – 1 group leader and 6 volunteer members are designated and specifically training to operate our county Emergency Operations Center (EOC).

Cadets – The Cadets group has just recently be restarted after nearly 40 years. The Cadets group gives teens that are interested in public safety an opportunity to learn and participate in some activities of EMA. The Cadets are under advisement of the PIO group.

Interested in joining our team? To begin the process, download the application file here. We look forward to hearing from you.

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