Mobile Communications Unit


This Mobile Communications Unit is the third communications vehicle that the volunteers of Madison County have supported. The first was a 1946 GMC Military 6X6 that was fitted out in 1955. It was replaced in 1983 by a 1978 Barth Motor home that served until MCU-1 was delivered in March, 2006. This unit supports NIMS (National Incident Management System) and Incident Command activities in our County and is available to 12 surrounding counties (District 6).

MCU-1 is a 2005 Freightliner chassis completed by MBF Industries, Sanford, Florida. It is 37 feet long, 13 feet high, has a 250 HP Cummins Turbodiesel engine and a 20KW AC generator. This unit is classified as an Emergency Response Vehicle.

Major features include:
•Conference Room for the on-scene Incident Commanders
•Galley, rest room & storage areas
•Communications area with 8 operating positions & 14 radios
•19 radio antennas permanently installed
•Wireless Computer network, Internet Connection, etc.
•External work station with awning
•Catwalk/Observation Platform at roof level
•30 Foot high extending mast with low light camera system
•Complete weather station
•AC Generator and DC power distribution

Volunteer EMA drivers provide response from the storage location in South Anderson. An “Emergency Operations Center (EOC) Team” is available to support Incident Commanders.

Communications Capabilities:

Police Agencies:
•Madison County Sheriff Department
•All Madison County Cities and Towns
•City of Anderson Police
•Indiana State Police, Pendleton Post

Fire Agencies:
•All Madison County Fire Departments
•City of Anderson, Elwood and Alexandria Fire Departments
•Adjacent Counties Fire Departments

Emergency Management:
•Madison County EMA
•Adjacent Counties EMA
•Indiana Department of Homeland Security

State of Indiana SAFE-T System:
•Madison County Talk Groups (channels)
•District 6 Groups
•State Groups
•Statewide Groups

Amateur Radio:
•All Madison County Systems
•All Counties in the State (VHF and UHF)
•Link to EMA District 6 EOC’s
•Link to National Weather Service SKYWARN

Other Resources:
•Madison County Highway Department
•Emergency Medical Helicopter services (Lifeline, etc.)
•Ambulance and Hospital networks
•Family Radio Service
•Aircraft Communications
•Local Television and Radio Broadcast station monitoring
•Internet connection
•Cellular Telephone