The Madison County Hazardous Materials Team (Hazmat) was first created in 1980. Currently the team is made up of Hazmat Technicians and Operations personnel from 5 different agencies. Those include:

Richland Township Fire Department

Chesterfield – Union Township Fire Department

Anderson Fire Department

Adams Markleville Fire Territory

Madison County Emergency Management Agency

The Team currently responds to about 12 incidents per year on average. With the majority of these being fuel type spills (gasoline, diesel, etc from transportation accidents). The Team is considered as a District asset for the Indiana Department of Homeland Security and has responded to incidents in several east central Indiana counties over the years.

The Hazmat Team responds with their primary response vehicle, Hazmat 1. Hazmat 1 was purchased in 2008 and is currently stationed at Richland Township Fire Department. RTVFD provides firefighters for the initial response with hazardous material technicians while the other departments respond with decontamination equipment as well as other personnel trained in hazardous materials. Hazmat 1 is equipped with plug, dike and containment equipment for most common types of chemical incidents in central Indiana. In addition to response equipment, Hazmat 1 also contains a variety of hazmat personal protective equipment (PPE) and self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) required to make entry into a hazardous chemical atmosphere. Hazmat 1 also has a command center on board the truck which can be used for research of chemical properties as well as an area for responders to formulate their response plan during a chemical release. Hazmat 1 also has equipment on board necessary to respond to acts of terrorism, which could involve chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear type weapons. Hazmat 1 has been part of the protective detail for Presidents, Vice Presidents as well as other high level government officials when visiting central Indiana.

Adams Markleville Fire Territory is equipped and responds with the decontamination unit (Decon 1) which is equipped with small containment pools, shower system, as well as brushes and hoses. The purpose of Decon 1 is to set up portable shower system to enable

decontamination in the field of responders and public should it be necessary to decontaminate people after or during an incident.

Team members train monthly on a wide variety of related subjects, including chemical identification, decontamination, personal protective equipment, monitoring devices, plugging and patching chemical leak sites, and scene size-up. In 2017, the team completed nearly 800 man hours of Hazmat training.

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