Warning Group

The mission of the Warning Group is to provide timely warning to the public, schools, police, fire, and governmental agencies, ofnatural and manmade hazards. These include, but are not limited to severe weather, floods, hazardous materials incidents, large fires, explosions, and any other incidents relating to public safety and warning.

A StormNet program is maintained and staffed by trained observers who are dispatched to observations points about Madison County in times when severe weather threatens. Observer reports are relayed to the Madison County Emergency Management Warning Center by amateur radio. When the Warning Center determines that a public warning is warranted, warnings are paged out on 453.825 MHz for special receivers maintained by schools, radio broadcast stations, government agencies, and businesses. Warnings are coordinated with the National Weather Service in Indianapolis by radio. Their warnings are reissued by the Warning Center and they are notified when the Warning Center issues a warning based on local observations.

There is an annual training session, usually in March, for observers. Members of public safety organizations and interested volunteers are welcome to attend. Training and an amateur radio license are required to become a volunteer.

Sirens in Madison County are controlled by municipal governments which have varying policies regarding the circumstances under which they are sounded. The Warning Center makes recommendations as to when they should be sounded, but each locality makes the final decision on sounding their sirens.

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