Mass Notification FAQ

Mass Notification FAQ

Q: How do I sign up?
A: Click here or text MADISONCOEMA to 888777

Q: How much does this service cost me?
A: Absolutely nothing. However depending on your chosen method of communications you may incur usage charges from your mobile provider.

Q:Why should I sign up? I already get breaking news on my smartphone.
A: There are so many answers to this but the main answer is your best source of information is directly from your local public safety departments. News media can sometimes get story details wrong. Also, we send alerts out as soon as we have the information to give. News gathering can take hours before it airs.

Q: I have a relative or friend that is blind. How can I make sure they are alerted too?
A: Our system can send out audible voice messages also.

Q: Do you have to live in Madison County, Indiana to sign up?
A: No, anyone can sign up. They will only receive alerts for Madison County though. A good example is out-of-state parents that have a student at Anderson University.

Q: What if there is a need for evacuation? How will people that are not signed up be notified?
A: Using a system called IPAWS we are able to select a geographic area and send the alert via a channel called Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEA). This sends a message to all participating mobile carriers who then broadcast the message to all phones capable of receiving WEA messages in the area we selected. We also have the ability to call all landline phones in Madison County with a pre-recorded emergency message.

Q: How do I know if can receive Wireless Emergency Alerts?
A: Check with your cellular provider.

Q: I’ve tried and still can’t figure this out. Who can help me?
A: Email and we will reply as soon as possible.